Tribalfare Travels! Change Is The Only Constant…


Tribalfare travels yet again!

7 moves in the last 10 years. 5 domestic and 2 international.

Change in geography, change in lifestyle, change through multiple careers seems to be a questionable decision making process doesn’t it? In hindsight, I am so glad that my husband and I made those bittersweet decisions because they have literally shaped our lives and made us global citizens of sorts. Tribalfare travels were not planned, it was our way of life and we soon figured out that we needed to own,embrace and celebrate our decisions. Change was the only constant in our global expat life.

What started as a raw business idea in the US, came to a chance collaboration in India, started in China and came to fruition in my favorite city of Detroit, Michigan. Now as tribalfare travels yet again and we try to settle down in Saltillo, Mexico; I have mixed feelings about all that has been accomplished and left incomplete in 3 different countries as I add a fourth to the list.

Doors needed to close so that new ones could open. Just a normal pattern of growth. I feel really blessed to have had this opportunity to explore and immerse in so many rich cultures and get to meet some fantastic people along the way.

Mexico, the country of rich cultural history and legacy. Reflecting and relaxing is the first thing to do on my agenda. Refreshing my mind to a new market, new people and new possibilities. Opening my heart to allow these influences to penetrate. It does not have to happen naturally all the time, I am trying to actually train myself to accept what life is offering. Look back at all the events hosted, the friends made, the customers met and the lessons learned. Making peace with all that was left unaccomplished. Making peace with the now and the present. Respecting the path I’m on and the very important role that destiny plays. There’s a bigger plan. There’s a reason. We just need to flow like water..rippling away merrily without knowing where we will end up. As long as the flow is positive and moving forward.

First things first, the boys are situated. The 17 year old is happily doing an internship in a career he would like to pursue and the 8 year old is following his dream on becoming the next Soccer Superstar aka Messi;) Spanish lessons have begun and of course salsa dancing cannot be far behind. My dream to learn different styles of dance is being worked upon as I’m genuinely mesmerized by how gracefully people dance here. And I need a whole separate post on the food!

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These images were captured on a recent day trip to Monterreal, a two hour drive from Saltillo. Mountains, horses and raw scenic beauty.

Celebrating Cultural Expression

Inspired by India | Designed in Detroit | Made in Mexico


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