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Join Tribalfare and Thread Caravan as we explore the textile traditions of Rajasthan in northwestern India. This immersive 10-day experience offers the Thread Caravan textile and hospitality touch, as well as Tribalfare’s knowledge of the country and textile traditions. We’ll begin the trip with sightseeing in Jaipur, giving guests the opportunity to acclimate to the scenery and source inspiration for the following multi-day block printing textile workshop – complete with block carving, dye vat preparations and printing.

Where We'll Be

This workshop will take place in northwestern India, in the cities of Jaipur and Bagru. Jaipur, known as the “pink city” for its predominantly pink buildings, is a city of over 3 million people, and the capital of the state of Rajasthan. Bagru, a small town of centuries-old block printing traditions, is situated 32km southwest of Jaipur.

What We'll Do

We will partner with the dye team at Wabisabi Project to dive into the history and processes of block printing in Bagru and India, with emphasis on understanding the essential components of natural dyes — the local water, climate and flora. Our processes will include teak wood block carving, scouring and mordanting our fabrics, making an organic indigo dye vat, preparing binders and printing inks, block printing a cotton scarf with the inks, dyeing with flowers, barks, roots and insect dyes, tie and dye, and mud resist painting for cold dyes.

Where We'll Stay

28 Kothi is a boutique guest house in the heart of Jaipur, located within the quiet and centrally located Civil Lines neighborhood. We will rent the whole guest house exclusively for our guests to enjoy the lush garden, terraces, reading corners, library, and to enjoy family style meals to share stories and reflect on the experience.

Details + Booking


  • In-Country Transportation: Airport pickup and drop off, as well as private group transportation during our scheduled activities.
  • Accommodation: Boutique guest house accommodation in Jaipur. Prices vary depending on preference of single, double or triple occupancy rooms.
  • Food + chai: A selection of wholesome vegetarian meals at our guest house and restaurants in town. Plus, daily chais!
  • Art Education: A day of wood block carving and three days of natural dyeing with instruction led by local craftspeople.
  • Craft Supplies: You will be provided with the necessary raw materials and tools to create a block printed textile of your own.
  • Additional Experiences: While we are not creating, we will visit museums, step wells, an elephant sanctuary and other sites in Jaipur.
  • Support: Thread Caravan founder Caitlin and Tribalfare founder Ojas will both accompany the group for the duration of the trip, offering participants their combined knowledge of the country, while making sure everything runs smoothly. In addition, Thread Caravan and Tribalfare staff are available to answer questions and assist with trip preparations beforehand.
  • Gift: Special gift upon arrival.
  • Carbon Emissions Offset: We’ve partnered with Trees for the Future to plant 50 tress on your behalf in order to offset the carbon emissions of your travel to India. Please contact us if you’d like us to plant additional trees on your behalf.


  • Airfare: We’ve found that flights from the U.S. cost approximately $1000, varying depending on the airline and how far in advance you book.
  • Personal Travel Insurance: We require all participants to have personal travel insurance. This will cover things like illness, flight cancellations, theft, etc. We can help you arrange insurance with a provider.


This workshop starts and ends at the Jaipur International Airport in Jaipur. You get there and we’ll handle the rest. If you have questions about flight options, please contact us.


VISA + Passport: Travelers going to India must obtain a tourist visa. In most cases (including if you are a US resident), you can apply and pay for your e-Tousist visa online, or you may take your passport to an embassy near you. Indian tourist visas cost approximately $60 USD. *All travelers must apply for visas immediately after reserving space on the workshop.


  • Scheduling: While we plan to stick to the schedule, India is full of surprises and our schedule is subject to change at the last minute. If you keep an open mind and are flexible in your thought process, this will be a truly enriching experience. All plans and schedules are subject to change at the discretion of Caitlin and Ojas.
  • Preparing for India: India is the land of sensory stimulation! Creating a safe and mindful itinerary with authentic, unforgettable experiences is what we are striving for. This trip should be considered an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone. We want you to be excited and prepare yourself for this journey of a lifetime. We encourage reading about Indian culture and also reaching to Ojas with specific concerns or questions related to cultures and traditions of India. This trip is not a resort experience! We will be sharing rooms in a beautiful and intimate boutique hotel. In a land of over a billion people, privacy is a prized notion, so please prepare accordingly. Going with the flow has been our mantra and has helped us find little, unexpected moments of joy along the way.
  • Dietary Restrictions: Many dishes in India contain garlic, yogurt and dairy. While we can accommodate some dietary restrictions (e.g. vegetarian), please contact us in advance to see if we can accommodate your dietary needs.
  • Pilot Trip: This is a pilot workshop, meaning it’s the first time we’ve run this itinerary and we will be testing out the logistics. Please take this into consideration when considering making a reservation.
  • Vaccinations: Routine vaccinations, measles, Hepatitis A, and Typhoid are suggested by the Center for Disease Control.
  • Physical Abilities: Ensuring you have a strong immune system before travel will help your trip experience be more enjoyable. Please make sure you are eating healthy meals, are well rested and are in good health before and during travel. If you have any pending health concerns, please consult with your doctor before reserving your space on the trip, and of course, please contact us if you have any questions.


Travelers must agree to Thread Caravan’s Booking Terms and Conditions in order to join this experience.


For current availability and rates, please visit Thread Caravan’s website to continue your reservation.

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