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It all started when Cheryl from Freedom House called me to schedule a shopping appointment and introduce a group of her girlfriends to Tribalfare. We quickly came up with a date and added it to our calendars and then she asked me one fateful question…”Is there a place for Indian food you can recommend in Midtown?”  I racked my brain, and I realized I couldn’t. I replied honestly, “I don’t think we have any traditional Indian restaurants in Detroit..well…not one that I can recommend anyways.”

Combining my passion for Indian food with Tribalfare retail products, has always seemed, to me, the most natural evolution of this brand (especially in Detroit). Having worked on this vision, I had already received my ServSafe certification through a program at FoodLab Detroit. The only thing missing was a commercial kitchen where I could prepare meals and get my catering license. After reaching out to multiple kitchens, I got in touch with a local catering company and they offered me the opportunity to try out their kitchen. I was in luck, since they were a licensed catering company I didn’t need a catering license! The company’s license completely covered me and I was ecstatic. I could actually make my overly dwelled-upon vision come to fruition.

The next task was to decide the menu. Indian cuisine is so diverse depending on the different regions that I decided to start with Gujarati cuisine. Foods that I grew up with, quintessential comfort food from the State of Gujarat in North West India – home to my parents.

(See the menu down below!)

Cheryl initially inquired about bringing a group of four of her friends and not long after the lunch experience was confirmed, she quickly invited several others. Finally, we had a group of seven extremely kind, fun women who joined us for our very first ‘Lunch and Shop’ event! They shopped before AND after lunch and we had such a great time talking about the colors, textures, and styles that make up Tribalfare. Sharing my story with the ladies and interacting with them made me realize that the tribe was indeed growing.

Providing an exceptional, cultural shopping experience in a warm and cozy environment is what I enjoy the most. Our typical client appointments range anywhere from 30 mins to 2 hours! Of course, if you make it a ‘Lunch and Shop’ event, it can last upto 3 hours;)

Looking for a cultural experience for your next meeting or event? Call me: 248-434-7231 or email: [email protected]  –  Let’s talk!



Celebrating Cultural Expression

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