The IDM Collection: Ideation

We are finally counting down to our  website relaunch and can’t wait to share the new look. Its here.. almost!

So excited to introduce and share the new IDM Collection. Inspired by India, Designed in Detroit and Made in Mexico. A concept that came to fruition in collaboration with the very artistic Rajiv Akolkar.

It started as a want to create. Something that would reflect the brand and the values it represents. Something ancient and modern. Something bold yet subtle. Something simple and universal. A creation that would embrace the past and yet be relevant today. Something that would fill that creative bug in me that kept slowly humming… annoying humming that I kept pushing aside.

Based in our retail studio at TechTown, I was surrounded by the most creative minds and brilliant entrepreneurs in Detroit. Every person I met was a genius in his or her own right. Creating solutions, creating legacies, creating their tomorrow in that collaborative Detroit spirit that just engulfs all who are ready to embrace it! The burning desire to create was definitely fueled by the exceptional creative energies around me at the time. Detroit is a city that feels like home. The people I know and respect in Detroit feel like family. Definitely, my comfort zone.

A few sketches, a few doodles, a few designs and then back to work. Was it too modern? Was it too ancient? The sketches continued. And then stopped for a bit.  A few weeks passed and the thoughts came and went.

A want to create something with modern lines but something that had soul. A design that defined what we stood for. A design that could resonate with everyone. Everywhere. Maybe something like an affirmation that would help inspire. A gender neutral creation that would transcend all labels and inspire.

And then just like that, the most cliched lightbulb moment. The design that was already etched in my memory as a child. The script that had fascinated me forever. Sanskrit: One of the most ancient languages of the world. I had caught myself using words like, ” Why can’t we all practice Ahimsa” or ” Please let’s have more Santulan today”. Somehow, these words started feeling like everyday affirmations. I started thinking and researching designs based on these powerful words and clearly there was nothing I found that spoke to me.

I knew that had to be it. I had to give this thought some seriousness.

It was time to involve someone with an art background and in stepped the very talented Rajiv Akolkar (aka the husband;) The engineer who was not allowed to attend art school as a career option, jumped at a chance to refine the sketches and bring my vision to reality.

Before long, Rajiv got an expat opportunity to move to Mexico and I have to say, I could’ve handled the move better. Need a separate blog post on how I handled this. Yes it needs a dedicated post? Nevertheless, he moved for 2 years and I moved for one with one kid in tow. One of the best decisions we made but I can say that only now. It was a challenging time for all of us.

Upon exploring the streets of Saltillo, I happened to step into a silver jewelry shop. A chance meeting with Axel, a young man who spoke better English than he cares to admit. With my broken Spanish and his not so broken English, we managed to engage in a conversation. The warmth and excitement in his voice to show me his creations and share his father’s legacy struck me. The pride he had in his silversmithing craft and aspirations to let the world know about his Mexican art and culture was inspiring. I knew it then. He was the right artisan partner to collaborate with for our vision. We tested a prototype and it felt right.  Thus was born the IDM collection.

Inspired by India
Designed in Detroit
Made in Mexico

As the website relaunches in the coming days, I hope the images, the styling, the concept and the vision is something you all can find inspiring. I can’t wait to hear feedback  and continue to learn as we work to introduce new creative concepts.

So excited for what’s to come!

Namste - IDM Collection - Prototype
Namaste – IDM Collection – Prototype


The IDM Collection
The IDM Collection

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Inspired by India | Designed in Detroit | Made in Mexico


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