Retail Boot Camp @TechTown Detroit

Tribalfare Retail Boot Camp TechTown Detroit

It’s been a hectic last week of Retail Boot Camp at TechTown. I can’t recommend this program enough. From hands on assignments to research and getting you out of your comfort zone, this challenging 8 week session will leave you exhausted but fulfilled! Of course, winning an award for a pop up store on draft day is definitely validating:) Featured here are my peers from the program who also won awards for starting their business.

A lot of time and effort went into every little detail about retail. Financials, locations, marketing, merchandizing, leasing, social media, design and customer service are a few of the topics we covered.

Thanks to the Retail Boot Camp team: Regina Ann Campbell, Bonnie Fahoome, Faris Alami and Cameron Watson. Faris and Cameron were pretty much available any time for a quick check or a lengthy discussion on our presentations. Their input and feedback was extremely crucial in steering me towards crafting a successful presentation.

After having won the award, now is when the work begins. More research and networking in finding the ideal location and introducing the communities to tribalfare!

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