House of Tribalfare

Tribalfare was borne from a desire to belong …to every place. What began as a part time commitment (sharing cultures and crafts via pop-ups) will now be a brick and mortar reality called House of Tribalfare …or HoT!


It was in the winter of 2016 when I first spotted the house at 288 W 14 Mile Road in Clawson with a “For Sale” sign on it.  I was instantly in love with the house at first sight, this rustic 1923 craftsman home with a bold brick exterior and beautiful swooping arches. As an immigrant, I was scared to dream big. As a woman, sometimes I was afraid to dream at all. Owning a house with so much character and with a vision to see it become MY business in the future was all too surreal. I fretted long and hard, over the costs, the risks and the what-ifs. I was once again going down the path of denying myself a dream. That house eventually went off the market but a year later was listed again! This time my husband and I decided to jump into it. It was impulsive, it was risky, but it was now or never.


We’re currently in the process of converting this early twentieth century American craftsman house into a store. We will retain its original charming exterior and key elements of the interior while transforming the space into a medley of colors, textures and sights through the products it will house. To start with, it will feature artisan and niche designer crafts from India, Mexico, Gautemala anda few gems from Detroit as well  with plans for more countries to be added, one culture at a time.


HoT is poised to be a concept store created to invoke the senses, transport you in an instance to far off lands but still within the warm and comfortable setting of a home. Each room is staged with textiles, furniture, small house wares from different parts of the world, curated by us but handcrafted by artisans and creative partners. Both small and larger items are thoughtfully selected keeping in mind the heritage processes that were used to create these products and the functionality of a modern home. 

When you enter HoT, you’ll walk into a living room then find a kitchen with, among others, red clay plates from Mexico and clay water jars from India which promise to keep you quenched in the hot summer months.  Climb up the wooden staircase and find a fully functional master bedroom with hand blocked quilts, hand woven rugs and next it a children’s room with hand-made toys, and colorful bedding.  


We’re dreaming big! Looking to launch as a retail space this fall we’re also thinking of hosting talks focusing on diverse, cultural topics and intimate private events. Travel and food are other components of this cultural exchange we will scale up to in due time


Each time a guest walks into HoT, we aim for an extraordinary experience of course but we also want to deliver a feeling of warmth, comfort, even familiarity. It’s about inviting guests in and encouraging them to touch smell, feel, try the textiles and jewelry and visualize these products in their homes and lifestyles. Even imagine the joy of someone receiving it as a gift! Most items in the house are one of a kind. Once sold, we may replace it with something totally different or something similar but never exactly the same.


Sometimes, when I stand in the middle of this little house on 14 Mile Rd, I ask myself, “Where does it start and where does it end?” I have no answer. The House of Tribalfare is my life and what began as a venture is now an eagerly awaited adventure!

 I look forward to this with much gratitude and excitement and I invite you to be a part of it.

Welcome in.


Celebrating Cultural Expression

Inspired by India | Designed in Detroit | Made in Mexico


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