Axel Ortiz Gonzalez

Born and raised in Saltillo, Axel is a bright young man who is on a personal mission to take his father’s silversmithing legacy to new heights. A master silversmith himself, 24-year-old Axel is extremely proud of his Mexican heritage and feels that the world is yet to know about the richness of his culture.

He enjoys working with silver and is trying to grow his father’s business by making new collaborations and adapting modern sensibilities to heritage techniques.

Guatemalan Women Co-Ops

  • Waqxaqi’kan Co-Op : A women’s co-op in the tiny village of Chuacruz. Their stellar craftsmanship is evident in their backstrap loomed, one of a kind pieces. Not only do they spin Ixcaco thread from cotton, but they are also expert weavers. Each of them weaving their own mood, their own story, into a fabric.
  • Asociacion Lema : Women’s Co-Op in San Juan La Laguna and Kawoq in San Antonio Palopo. Brilliant extraction of natural dyes from the Chilten plant, Sacatinta and Achiote. Back-strap loom, textile weaving and palm leaf basket making
  • Family of Women Weavers : Women’s group of master weavers headed by Zenaida. Following her mom Juana’s footsteps and aunts Patronila and Catarina. They were supremely patient with our little group as we all attempted to try our hand at weaving our own works of art.


Native to Jaipur, Sabir is a master tie dye or ‘Leheriya’ craftsman. Sabir operates out of his small, home studio with the rest of the men in his family. His craft technique is seeped in the history of Rajasthan, vibrant and colorful like the dyes he chooses to play with.

Sabir loves experimenting with Shibori dyeing as well and loves playing with different combinations of colors. He uses textiles like cottons, silks and linen but he especially likes tie dyeing chiffons for the younger generation of women who are embracing lighter sari drapes and scarves to combat the Rajasthani heat.

Humble to the core, Sabir is a stellar example of humility but his sense of pride is evident in his hospitality and eagerness to share his creative process and one of a kind works of art.

Shibori dyeing
Shibori dyeing
Shibori dyeing

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